Back to our beginnings

Cooking on hot rocks or stone is one of the oldest methods of cooking. Our lava CuisineStones are sourced from the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna in Italy to provide a perfect cooking medium. CuisineStone is a healthy cooking method, providing you with pure taste and an unforgettable experience time after time.

How it works

Simply heat your CuisineStone in the oven or on a barbecue, place it in the specially designed bamboo board, place your chosen meat, fish or vegetables on top and cook to your desired level of perfection. The unique cooking experience and the exquisite taste will have you coming back for more without fail!



Perfect for parties, our products provide that little bit of theatre that transforms a meal into an event.


Creating a fun and exciting way for your guests to cook their food live at the table, exactly as they want it.

Culinary Genius

This is where you come to the fore! You’ll find a culinary genius within yourself that you didn’t know existed!

All Foods

Our lava rock cooking stones are a perfect way to cook steak, chicken, fish and vegetables, the floor is yours!

How it came about

CuisineStone was founded to introduce the World to the amazing benefits of cooking on stone.  Started by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs determined that more people should be able to enjoy the “cooking on lava” experience.

But there is something even better than that..

Every single person in our team is a volunteer and every single cent we make goes to charity.. in fact EVERYTHING in this organisation is geared towards making education a roaring success.

Now that is amazing!

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